The Last Seal

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It was the time of the ancient egyptians when unnoticed a dark force oozed out of the ground.
It was just called The pure Evil...

Eventually revived, it oppressed all human beings and launched a new age of terror.
Time of darkness and cruelty spread over the earth.

Some religious people saw the future of brightness fade away and appealed to the gods for help. Finally the unexpected happened: Supported by an extraterrestral force the pure evil was brought to a burial chamber that was sealed afterwards with five seals.
The age of oppression came to an end.

Years went by until two of those seals were taken away by gravehunters who vanished in no time after the theft.
In 1853, a scientist rediscovered the burial chamber and again removed one seal. He also disappeared before he could inform someone about his discovery. Again the burial chamber fell into oblivion.

Three weeks ago a team of scientists exposed the burial chamber and took away another seal.
Now one last seal remains to dam up the evil force. Unfortunately it is not sufficant to restrain the pure evil of getting out.
Dark shadows are already crossing the lands and it is just a matter of time until the complete force in all its mightyness can escape from the chamber and commence a new crusade of retaliation against mankind.

But this time there will be no divine defense obtainable...

In this point-and-click adventure, mainly being developed by 2 people, you take control over our hero called Russ Kimble.

While trying to aid an old friend, he, by accident, gets himself involved in an epic science-fiction/fantasy-adventure, uncovering a mysterious threat against humanity that was laying dormant for thousands of years...

Visit places no human has set foot on for thousands of years, and discover strange areas nobody knew they'd exist...
Fight with weapons in action-sequences against creatures of evil!
Take control over two characters during certain passages in the game! Only teamwork will let you survive!
The caracter's clothes are being torn and get dirty through external infulences!
You will be shocked by what you will see, where blood is only the beginning... 

                                                                            ...mankinds fate lies in your hands... 



Experience one of the biggest GBA-adventures ever produced. Where other classic titles feature about 100 locations, The Last Seal features more than 180 locations split up into more than 500 detailed rendered screens, with character-animations exceeding the magic 1000-frames-barrier!

  • more than 180 rooms, split up in about 500 different screens
  • about 1200 frames of character-animation
  • more than 100 items
  • combinatoric riddles, logic-riddles and action-sequences
  • partially non-linear gameplay
  • control two different characters to achieve your goal

copyright © 1997-2006 by Ancor productions